How we can keep connecting with our loved ones throughout these uncertain times

Keeping connected during these stressful times is so important to supporting those you love. There is a good chance that your elderly relatives or friends are feeling more isolated than ever. This could be because they are in an aged care facility with limited visitors or staying home for their own health and safety. One of the best ways to combat this is to find a way to bring some spirit and joy to the inside, while we are stuck on the outside.

Videos, music, movies, and video calls are all wonderful ways to remember key points of our life and stay in contact. Throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, this can also be a great way to boost spirits. Keeping our spirits lifted through such a challenging time can be difficult enough for anyone, let alone your elderly loved ones. Finding day-to-day ways to keep connected and help them feel like they are not alone is so important.


This is one of the best ways to share memories or important moments with your elderly family member or friend. Whether it’s old videos of moments they would love to be reminded of, or something that is currently happening with family or friends. If they are limiting their outings there is a good chance that they are missing some important events. Consider sending them videos of grandchildren or the family at events they were unable to make it to. Another way to use video to support them is sending videos of day-to-day life. You may not think mundane daily tasks are exciting enough to share, but it will give them something to smile about and make their life feel a little more normal.

Video Calls

Similar to sending videos, video calls are a fantastic way to keep in touch. They are the next best alternative if being face to face is not an option. Offer to help set up Facetime or other video chat services for your family member or friend and set aside regular times to speak to them. This can help create a routine and something for them to look forward to. If you are caring for somebody who is elderly, try and suggest they start this routine with a loved one of their choosing.


Our favourite movies can always brighten our mood and sometimes bring back powerful memories of when we first saw it. Putting on a film that your family member or friend loves can be a great way to keep them entertained throughout the pandemic, while also helping them remember times spent with their loved ones. This could be a film they always used to watch with their partner, or grandchildren. You could even surprise them by putting together a group of DVDs that you know hold a special place in their heart and deliver it to their home.


The power of music to improve cognitive function and reduce depression is now well known. This makes it a powerful tool for supporting older adults, especially those feeling isolated and out of their usual routine. One of the best ways to access this style of support is through an age-appropriate radio station or service. Many of these services stream 7 days a week and feature music from the 1940’s right up until appropriate music from today. This allows our listeners to awaken happy memories and reminisce on their past. Some of these services feature shout outs and personal messaging. This is a fantastic way to keep in contact with your elderly loved one by brightening their day. It can be as simple as contacting the local station and asking them to shoutout a special message to your special someone. Allowing your elderly loved ones to listen to a broadcast like this can help with issues such as isolation and even support those living with dementia. If your family member or friend is living in an aged care facility, contact the facility and ask if they offer any of these services or if they can make them available.

Supporting your loved ones is more important than ever throughout this pandemic. We are all vulnerable to feeling down and anxious. Reach out to a family member or friend and help them reminisce on how much they are loved. Silver Memories is an option of support that fits all of these avenues of connection. We offer not only age-appropriate music, but shoutout services, photographs, and more. Visit our website to find out all that Silver Memories has to offer you and your elderly loved ones.